Engage on Social Media

Social media is all about being social. Connect and engage proactively with other accounts. This is actually one of my favorite things to do for my clients and for my business!

Here is how you can do it:

Search a hashtag you love on Instagram, find pictures you admire, read the caption, comment on something relevant that positively contributes to the conversation, like the photo, and move on!

Search a hashtag you love on Instagram, find a picture you admire, write a comment, then go back to the poster's profile, and like their last 3 posts! Boom!

A lot of times, the people you engage with will follow you back to your account. This is great! Especially if they are in your target audience.

Write a new Blog Post or Update and Share old (but relevant) content

Having fresh, quality content for your audience is so important. Writing blog posts is a great way to show you are engaged, an authority in your industry, and it's good for SEO. Some of my favorite topics to write about are trends in my industry, tips and tricks, and business updates.

Blog posts are also an amazing opportunity to grow your email list by adding in a subscribe button or creating a content upgrade! A content upgrade can be a lot of things but oftentimes simply help the reader get results from the content they just learned.

Batch Write Content for your Social Media Platforms

Writing content ahead of time is one of the best things you can do for your growth! Now, what do I mean by “batch write”? I mean prep your content just like you would prep your meals for the week. A tip to get started with this if you're new is to think about a theme for the entire month. Is there a product you want to push? A service you want to fill up? Maybe a launch you have coming up? Think about your goals and then create a theme for social media that compliments that goals and get to work! Setting a theme gives you a central topic to write content around.

Live Video on Instagram or Facebook

Okay – this is a heavy hitter! But going LIVE is huge. To grow, you really have to do what nobody else is willing to do. A lot of this listed above is stuff that while a lot of people know it's good, they won't actually do it consistently. But going live – is a guaranteed way to stand out! In fact, going live is so important, I wrote a full blog post on this very topic back in 2017 that I still stand by today: check it out!

You can go live about the topics of your blog posts, content you're posting on social media, or completely different things!