Social media platforms were invented to allow people to connect with each other. And when people connect with each other, they share things. This is what makes social media one of the best mediums to market your products and services. As a matter of fact, leveraging Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and all the other social media platforms out there has become a standard marketing practice for years. However, one aspect that is often neglected in Marketing on Pinterest.

To understand why marketing on Pinterest would be the perfect choice for you, let’s first understand what Pinterest is and how it works.

Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover and share new interests by posting images or videos. On Pinterest, users can create their own boards and ‘pin’ similar themed items that they find interesting. Let’s say you go to Pinterest and search for ‘Thanksgiving recipes’. You will be presented with a bunch of image-based results. You would have the option to pin them to your board or share it with your friends. The visual content is mostly crowd-sourced and always grouped under different categories.

What makes Marketing on Pinterest an ideal option for you?

Pinterest primarily works as a search engine where users are not just actively looking for, but also bookmarking and uploading new ideas. Facebook and Instagram, on the contrary, have become platforms where users are just almost absent-mindedly scrolling through an auto-generated feed. You’re probably thinking about how this figures in Marketing on Pinterest.

When people are actively looking for products or services, it means that they have higher purchase intent, or in simple words, a higher intention of buying said product or service. In fact, as per a report authorized by Business Insider, Etsy disclosed that Pinterest brings in as much traffic to Etsy as Facebook.

Secondly, it is slowly becoming known in the digital world that the reach of organic posts on Facebook has dropped in a bid to boost paid advertisement. And when the reach of a post decreases, so does the number of users engaging with that post. However, with Pinterest Marketing, you could get up to 70% users coming across your pins, engaging with them and saving those pins to their boards on a regular basis.

What are the steps you should take for marketing your business on Pinterest?

The best part about Pinterest Marketing is that you can market your business on Pinterest no matter how big or small as long as you can bring in a visual element. Are you into the manufacturing of chemicals that can be used to bleach clothes at home? Create some interesting DIY videos of how to use the bleach safely.

Here are some tips on how you can start marketing your business on Pinterest.

  1. When creating boards, use keywords in the title: Keywords are essentially the important words that are going to be present in any user’s search. For example, if you and your friend want to search for Dua Lipa’s concert dates, you will go to Google and type in the words Dua, Lipa, concert, and date. The sequence of the words may differ but you’re basically looking for information on the same thing. So the search results will be same or similar. Pinterest works like Google. If you want your boards to be found by more people, think of the keywords that people will search for and include them in your board title. This is Pinterest Marketing101.
  2. When Marketing on Pinterest, don’t neglect the description: Descriptions are another great way of attracting potential customers. Firstly, you can add keywords in the description which is great for being found on search engines. Secondly, when you have an accurate description, it’ll make the user trust you and they’ll keep coming back for more interesting content from you. Remember to keep the description crisp and interesting!
  3. Create vertical images to get noticed: If Pinterest is also about images, marketing on Pinterest should be all about images too. Create long and narrow images or videos that take up the majority of the visual space. This way, the searcher gets to see more of your image or video and isn’t distracted by another pin.
  4. Once they’re on your pin, take them to your website or blog: Marketing on Pinterest is all about gaining maximum visibility. After showing the user a video of how they can create patterns using your bleach, you want them to buy your bleach. So the next logical step would be to take the user to a place where they get more information. On Pinterest, you can add a link either in the description or in the source for the pin. Use both or only one – that’s up to you but do link your Pinterest board to your website or your blog.
  5. Create collaborative boards: Collaborations work like a charm on other social media platforms, so why not for Pinterest Marketing? With collaborative boards, you can expand your reach. Because you’re joining forces with another popular Pinterest-er, the shared board will show up on both of your Pinterest presence. If you’re planning to start marketing your business on Pinterest, collaborations are one of the best ways to get some quick followers for your boards.
  6. Don’t forget Pinterest Analytics: The creators of Pinterest want you to start marketing your business on Pinterest and so, the analytics tool. If keywords are Pinterest Marketing 101, Pinterest Analytics is Pinterest Marketing 102. Your strategies will be ineffective if you’re just investing money to create content so you can market your business on Pinterest but don’t have any numbers. How many new followers? How many times was your content pinned? Pinterest Analytics will answer these questions. So, once your Pinterest business account is verified, you get access to this essential tracking information.

Marketing your business on Pinterest is especially beneficial right now because image-centric social networks are gaining popularity at unprecedented speed. Pinterest Marketing should be your new best friend for this very reason!

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