Insight into what the self-employed life actually looks like!

On Instagram, I do a lot of “day in the life” content on Instagram Stories. It's some of my most popular content! I think we all have some curiosity about what someone else is up to or how they structure their day.

Something you should know about me: I usually (try to!) only work 4-days a week. By work I mean sit in front of the computer for hours on end. On the 3-days I'm not working, I'm still active for my clients and available, just primarily from my phone! Greg (my incredible Fiancé) works 4 days a week, and I try to match his schedule as best I can so we can enjoy time together and the summer while it's here!

So if you're dreaming of one day being self-employed, this is for you! This is an entirely normal week for me. Let's jump in day-by-day:


I usually wake up by 8 am and roll over and grab my phone (not the most mindful practice, but hey – this is real life over here). I lay in bed for about 30 minutes, checking my email from my phone, mindlessly scrolling IG, and making a mental list of what needs to get done today. I also try to set some goals and intentions around the week during this time.

As soon as I get up, I take my dogs downstairs to make a glass of Nitro Cold Brew and to take them outside.

When I get up to my office, I like to do about 5 minutes of stretches before sitting down at my desk.

While sipping coffee, I like to do a lot of my administrative work first thing. Such things like checking in with Bench (my bookkeeping team), my team of freelancers, engaging for my clients on social and monitoring my Dubsado dashboard for outstanding invoices and new leads. These tasks usually take me a couple of hours.

After my beginning-of-the-week-administrative work is complete, I dive right into my scheduling software, Iconosquare, to check my analytics and my client's analytics to get a pulse for what's going on in the social world right now. I also confirm everyone's content for the week is still good to go and ready to be published.

At some point, I usually take a break to go to yoga. There is nothing like a good Vinyasa Flow on a Monday to get your week kicked off on the right foot! When I get back from yoga, I try to fit in another hour or so of client work before Greg gets home and calling it quits for the day. Today was a good day!


Tuesdays might be my favorite day of the week! It's a bit of a “wild card” day for me. Whatever needs to happen, happens on Tuesday.

I always let myself sleep in on Tuesdays and start my day with a 9 am Core & Restore yoga class, which gets me totally fired up for the rest of the day.

When I get home from yoga (and finish chugging water…) it's around 10:30 am. At this point, I usually have a call or two booked. This week was no different. At 11 am, I jumped on the phone for a discovery call to see if we were a good fit! After a discovery call, I send them a proposal.

In the afternoon, I dive into content writing and editing for my clients. While my team manages a bulk of the content writing, I still do a lot of the brand-specific content or the campaign-specific design work.

This is usually how I finish my day!


Wednesdays are my big client call days. I try to batch them all into one day a week because they take a lot of my energy and time. As much as I would love to squeeze a yoga class in here, I usually can't. It's just not in the cards for the day and the structure. BOOOOOO!

I usually get up and out of bed by 8 am. I go downstairs, let the dogs out, make coffee, and eat some bacon (per usual..). Before my first call, I try to get through all of my client engagement since the rest of the day is pretty structured and booked.

Around 12 pm, I like to take a break and head downstairs to heat up some leftovers. Right now, Hulu is dripping The Handmaid's Tale and new episodes drop on Wednesdays, so I've been diving into an episode during my lunch break! It's so good if you haven't checked it out!

All afternoon is filled with implementing action from calls in the morning and any calls that didn't get scheduled earlier in the week or that morning. It's a good day!


So close to the freakin' weekend! Thursdays are the heavy team and my business workday for me. Thursdays are when I like to dive in with my team and help make sure they have everything they need from my clients and me to do their job and get the dang work done!

I love Thursdays because they are a “wrap up” day for me!

When I say a “my business work day” I mean it. The last day of my work week is when I turn my focus onto my own business to create marketing content and create fresh content for Managed Social. It's a dream!

Before “signing off” for the week, I like to follow up with the discovery calls and proposals I sent out earlier in the week.

Okay, friends, that's it. That's a week in my life as a Social Media Freelancer and Social Media Agency CEO.

If you want to design a life that looks like this, I want to help you. The doors to Managed Social will be opening soon and I can't wait to invite you in!

Got questions? Slide into my DMs on Instagram and I'll answer them there!