This page contains a list of every freebie, online program, and service that I currently offer in my business! 


Express Services

For those projects that needed done... yesterday!

Your 90-Day Marketing Plan will be written over 5 days so you can move forward and show up!
  • A 30-minute kick off call
  • An in-depth custom written marketing strategy + plan written for your overall, 30, and 90 day goals 
  • Audit of your top 2 social media platforms
  • Marketing funnel with top, middle, and bottom of funnel strategies
  • Tasks and to-do lists for you &/or your team to implement
  • 30-days of Slack Support with me

You want an audience that's slightly obsessed with you, marketing that's fun, something implementable, oh - and you want results!

Marketing Plan Intensive

A rEADY TO IMPLEMENT full-fledge marketing strategy


A list of leads delivered in a single day, so you can move forward and sell the dang thing already!
  • 60-minute strategy session over Zoom or Voxer to discuss your offer and needs
  • Two hours of lead generation tracked inside a ClickUp or Airtable lead base, including notes on the leads + what offer I imagine them fitting into (a minimum of 200 leads will be delivered)
  • 7-Days of Slack/Voxer support 

Not having a list of leads is costing you - your time, energy, and money. Are you ready to finally know who is going to buy your next offer?

You can't sell to an empty room. This gives you a list of leads that fit your community and personas to nurture and sell to!

Leads List

A list of leads, curated for you that are ready to nurture & perfect for your offer


psst... need the nurturing done for you? Keep scrollin'!

  • An in-depth Marketing Plan Questionnaire to spark clarity
  • A 60-90 minute Strategy Call (with recording)
  • Custom Instagram Sales Funnel for 9 (or 12) Feed Posts (writing is included if chosen)
  • An updated Bio that aligns with your business goals & new sales funnel
  • Confidence in positioning yourself as the badass leader you are.

Posting on your Insta feed is lacking ROI right now... I know you've got better things to do.

Social Sales Funnel

A strategic sales funnel for your Instagram Feed, so you can spend less time and get better results


Retainer Support

On-going done-for-you services & consulting

  • 30-minutes of engagement + lead gen on Instagram or TikTok
  • Monthly strategy session
  • Direct Message management
  • Custom lead racker + tracker audits 
  • Slack support
  • Attempt to convert + escalate to client if needed

Get a consistent pipeline of leads for your services, coaching, and courses

Not only fill your dms with leads but also convert them

Lead Generation

Social Media Management

Get complete monthly content calendars with everything from captions written to graphics created so you don't have to lift a finger to create social content in your business.

Let me & my team do it for you

Need content but hate creating it?

Weekly Newsletter Creation

Taking your subscribers to "okay... huh" to "Hell YES!" with email newsletters that convert better and faster!

Get a monthly document with all your emails ready to schedule for the month.

I nerd out on data, best practices, and trends so you don't have to.

Digital Products & Templates

Get the resource you need, stat!

You have an offer that you're really, really proud of and want to sell more of...

But no matter how many times you update Stories, how many trending audios you use for TikTok or Reels, running webinars, or how many email sequences you write, it just isn't clicking. People aren't buying the way you'd hoped.

What's missing?

Your audience has no idea what you ACTUALLY sell. They're super brand aware... but offer awareness? Yeah - they have no clue what you do and how you can help them.
That's where I can help.


a marketing club that helps you figure out what to say and how to say it, build authority, and generate demand through small actionable marketing tasks so that you can consistently book more sales with on-demand marketing plans, templates, and strategy.

Conversion Catalyst® Club

Marketing Membership for Online Business Owners

This self-paced video course and swipe copy toolkit will invigorate your sales conversations and teach you how to turn followers into customers so your conversions are almost on autopilot.

We’ll dive even deeper into my signature Sell in DMs Framework™, you’ll get to see REAL conversations I’ve had with customers in my Conversion Vault, and you’ll be able to steal my actual DM messages!

Limited time bonus: Join DM to Dollars NOW and get 3 FREE months in Conversion Catalyst™ Club, my marketing membership designed to help you build authority and generate demand!

$497 USD

Achieve DM selling mastery and kick your new sales funnel into high gear.

DM to Dollars

Online Course & Resource Vault

This 30-minute training and workbook is packed with the the strategy you need to implement if you're not seeing results from your Instagram feed.

Not having a proper Insta funnel strategy is costing you - your time, energy and money - because now you're spending hours posting with no ROI

Now featuring Canva templates, the Q&A from the training, and multiple frameworks you can follow.

$9 USD

A strategic sales funnel for your Instagram Feed, so you can spend less time and get better results

Social Sales Funnel

PDF Download & Video Training

This 25-minute training will change how you view Instagram Stories and the features built in! 

See examples of polls and other Instagram features that'll take your already great content to the next level.

$9 USD

Use Instagram Story Stickers to convert your audience, increase your reach, and identify your hottest leads! 

Stick it Where it Counts

Video Training

Your ultimate guide to identifying the perfect marketing tactic for your unique needs. Created with an understanding of your struggles, this filterable Airtable document helps you sift through various marketing tactics to find the one that suits you best. And it doesn't stop there - 'Marketing Matchmaker' also equips you with the resources to implement your chosen tactic effectively.

Confidently choose the right marketing tactic to market your digital product.

Marketing Matchmaker

Video Training + Airtable Database

... so that you can make better decisions about your marketing strategies.

This quick 15-minute super actionable training will teach you exactly what UTMs are and how to create them. 

The more you understand about where your website's traffic is coming from and what's driving that traffic, the better decisions you can make about your marketing strategies.

Understand exactly where your website visitors are coming from and what brought them there

UTM Traffic Course + Tracker

Video Training + Tracker

This 60-minute training is packed with the the strategy you need to implement if you're not seeing results from your current funnel and lead magnet.

You'll learn exactly how to tell your unique story, make it valuable to your customers, and drive traffic to your feed.

$97 USD

Scale and grow your business in a unique way - accelerating the like-know-trust factor

Launch with an Audio Funnel

Video Trainings

This is taught in partnership with my friend Kim Tradewell.

I know all about those long nights, stretching your budget, agonizing over the decision to raise your prices, and wondering how to get your clients on the same page.

It’s hard. Enough to make a seriously talented service provider want to throw in the towel and QUIT.

But you haven’t quit yet. And that’s what I like about you. You’ve got GRIT.

What if I told you I could show you how to scale your business to become more profitable AND cut back your work week?

I can. And I’ll walk you through it all, step by step.

Learn exactly how to start selling services, making recurring income with those services, and onboard clients

Services that Sell

Blueprint & Video Trainings

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just make sales on social... instead of needing to rely on a huge launch to generate cash?

Even with a small audience?

Inside Social that Sells, you'll learn exactly how to...
Pick the perfect offer for your campaign, what the difference is between a post and a campaign post, promote your offer for just 5-days and start selling without fancy tools, create specific types of content for your promotional period, & learn how to position your offer to get your audience ready to invest

$197 USD

Get my proven step-by-step method to implement a profitable social media launch!

Social that Sells

PDF Download & Video trainings 

Content Calendar

Sell in DMs Playbook

An introduction to the art of selling in the Direct Messages. If you're DM-Curious but not sure you want to jump in with DM to Dollars - this is for you!

Lucrative Leads Tracker

Stop losing leads with the Lucrative Leads Tracker!

This tracker is designed in Airtable.

Get my Airtable Social Media Content Calendar that my clients LOVE! It's easy to edit and customize for your client (or your biz!) 


Make it Marketable Podcast

For the Strategic Founder 

Ultimate Guide to Selling on Instagram in 2023

For Founders Selling Online

From Zero to Booked Out Hero Roadmap

for Service-Providing Entrepreneurs

Snag my innovative strategies, for free!

These are more than just resources

You see others talking about the sales they’ve made on social media and you’re wondering “when is it my time?”

Making money on Instagram is about more than pretty pictures. It's about CONNECTION. And that is where direct messages come in.

I made over $30K from my DMs alone, and at that point, I wasn’t even sending – just receiving messages! Imagine what would have happened if I was initiating conversations? MAGIC!

What You'll learn: 
  • The Sell in DMs Framework - A strategy for outreach and easy sales without closing down your favorite social app
  • Different Types of Buyers - How to identify the types of buyers out there and what they need to get closer to the sales
  • Strategies to initiate a conversation - Learn how to initiate meaningful conversations with leads in a non-yucky way and transition to sales 

How to Sell in the DMs
 On Demand Masterclass