Working from home has so many benefits and is often filled with joy but that doesn't mean it's easy! Working from home can be extremely distracting for many of us. I first got a taste of working from home during my internship back in 2015. I had watched my dad do it for years, so the mechanics of working from home were no mystery to me.

Now, as people around the globe are working from home, I'm seeing this isn't something that comes easily for everyone! In this article, I'm going to share a few tips to help you overcome the distractions and make your work from home experience – a little easier. Let's jump in:

Set yourself up with a designated workspace. 

This is something I didn't realize was so important until my husband and I moved back to New York from Indiana and briefly lived at his parent's house. During this time, I didn't have much of a dedicated space to set up in. I would float between the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room.

Whether you're working from just a laptop or a full desktop set up, give yourself a spot that you can make your workspace. Other then the brief moving-limbo, I've always been fortunate enough to have an office that was away from my bedroom.

Make your workspace functional.

Once you've identified a spot to work from – whether it be your kitchen table or a desk, make it function for you! I personally need an outlet nearby, a lot of space to stick sticky notes and essential oils within reach.

If you work a day-job where you normally report to an office or cubicle, think about what you have within reach that keeps you productive. Are they things you can get or can you replicate the set up at home?

If your schedule is flexible, set yourself up with work hours or workdays – and stick to it! 

Working time is probably the hardest part of working from home – suddenly, the lines become so blurred. This is especially true if you're working on starting a business or balancing your side hustle and a full-time job. But trust me when I say to set yourself up with working hours or working days.

For example, I work four days a week on a rotating schedule. So four on – four off. I use this schedule because it matches my husband's work schedule, and value of mine and pillar in my business is family time.

Something else you could do is work every day from 8am – 12pm then be done.

Whatever you do, set your work time and let everyone know. You can hang out with them after you get your work done.

Get dressed for work.

It can be so tempting to work from your pajamas all day but there is something transformational about getting dressed for work. It doesn't have to be “work clothes” but getting out of your pajamas and into a fresh pair of leggings or your favorite outfit puts you into a different mindset than just staying in your pajamas all day.

Don't touch your email during off-hours.

When you're working from home, it can feel easy to bring your laptop or work with you to bed or to the couch while you're bingeing Netflix. But doing this can cause one small task to turn into another task and another and another until you're suddenly working again.

To wrap this up…

There's no right or wrong way to work from home. Just work on setting boundaries and finding your groove! We are all in this together!

Victoria Boyd

Digital Marketing Strategist. Consultant. Dog Mom.

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