Getting started is scary! Once you've decided you're ready to start a business, your next step is to start signing clients so you can bring in some cash.

If you don't have experience with marketing or social media management yet, this task can feel even more overwhelming. But we all start somewhere and I want to give you some actionable tips to get experience AND land clients.

  • Begin building your own community! This is something you can do right away! Begin regularly posting on social media. Shift your accounts to look like a business, and promote yourself fearlessly.
  • Understand the benefits of hiring an SMM! The benefits of hiring someone to manage the businesses' social media presence goes far beyond just having something off of their plate. Take a minute to write down and think about all the benefits of working with you as their marketing consultant.
  • Understand your market! Figure out who it is you want to work with. When you understand their struggles inside and out, it's easier to solve their problems.
  • Believe in your offer! When you're confident, it's easier to sell. Your confidence comes through in everything you do – your handshake, your smile, your posts, your body language. If you aren't feeling confident, there are a lot of things you can do to build your confidence such as going to a class, teaching a class, reading on new trends and techniques, helping your friend or families small business online…
  • Do some in-person networking! I landed my first client online from a Facebook group. But my next client came from an in-person networking group I attended called NTI.
  • Tell family and friends! Tell your family and friends that you've started your business and you're looking for clients!
  • Talk to your former employer and peers. Hear me out. Your employer and peers know your work better than anyone! They know your strengths and the work that you produce which makes them more likely and comfortable sending people your way!
  • Offer small commitments! It's hard to get someone to commit to a long term agreement right off the bat. Especially if you're their first hire. If they are hiring you for management – aim for a 3-month commitment. When the contract is up, offer a 6-month contract to carry on. If they are hiring you for consulting – offer 45-minutes. Either way, provide them with a free “discovery call” where you find out about their business (show you care) and pitch them your services.

Remember: All you need is one to be in business.