When I landed my first client, I wasn’t looking for her; I just happened to be in the right Facebook group at the right time. She was looking for someone to manage her online presence her small business, specifically with social media. She was hoping to find someone in Indianapolis. I checked both the boxes – and sent her my website (which by the way, wasn’t set up like someone looking for work… it was set up like someone looking for a job). We had a brief conversation, and three weeks later, I had my first freelance contract.

After realizing how much I LOVED doing work on the side, I redesigned my website (which was initially a portfolio) to what it is now so I could attract more clients.

It wasn't easy – but I'm here now, and I'm more grateful than ever! I want to answer one of my most frequently asked questions for you here, how to start a social media management business. Let's dive in! 

How to Start a Social Media Management Business: 

Start acting like a Social Media Manager

Now, you're probably wondering what I mean by this… I mean it's time to ramp up your online presence and start managing your social media channels like they were a client because spoiler alert; you are your most profitable client!

First, I want you to pick three social media channels that you can be a rock star on. Where do you want to spend the majority of your time? Go through what you've put out into those channels and clean them up, so they represent what you want your online presence to look like. I'm going to recommend (and assume for this post) that you're picking Instagram and Facebook.

Next, you need to make a Facebook Page. A Facebook page is separate from your personal profile. Then, connect your Instagram to it or create a new one with your new name. You can decide how you want to do this. If you are using your name as your business name and already have that name, I would recommend running with your personal account and just making it a business page. This is what I did. If you are planning on having a business name, create an account with that name.

After you've cleaned up your pages, created a Facebook page and linked your Instagram, I want you to begin creating content for those channels. You need to build a community and show your future clients that you can run an online presence!

Get educated (and stay educated!)

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. You have to stay up on the new technology, and trends. You need to predict, strategize, and implement quickly. Some of my favorite resources on SMM:

While I went for my masters of science, you definitely don't need a degree to be a social media manager. Just some grit and a whole lot of heart!

Nothing I learned in my masters is being used in my business today – so don't sweat the degree!

Create a package 

Think about when you go to get a haircut! You walk in and have a handful of options:

  1. Cut and Color – $85
  2. Wash, Cut, and Style – $35
  3. Dry cut – $25

or maybe you're walking into a mechanic to get your car looked at. You have some options there too:

  1. Oil change
  2. Oil change and inspection
  3. Oil change, fluid top off, filter change, and inspection

You know with each of those packages what you're getting and how much you're paying – seems easy right? Right! You want your potential clients to have that same ease when choosing to work with you. I get it though – being a social media manager isn't nearly as cut and dry (see what I did there?) as getting your hair cut!

I want you to think about your packages as a starting point for your audience and your offers. When a prospect is on your website, it should be incredibly clear what you have for them and what you can do for them. Even more important, you should understand your packages inside and out so you can talk about them with ease.

Psssst… want to know how to build a package? I talk about this in great detail in Managed Social!

Consider a niche 

Nicheing sounds scary, doesn't it? But it doesn't have to be! I've worked in technology, hospitality, automotive, health care, food, health and wellness, direct sales, and even software before deciding I wanted to stick with health and wellness. There are a ton of benefits to niching down but I really want to point out one right here, right now:

When you niche down, it's easier to market to that “one customer avatar.” You're attracting exactly who you want to work with and they're magnetized to you because you are their person! Sounds dreamy doesn't it?

It makes signing clients easy and effortless!

Closing Thoughts… If you only take one thing from this blog post…

I want you to know that it’s totally possible to run a social media management business that doesn’t suck the life out of you.