Making money on Instagram is about more than pretty pictures. It's about CONNECTION.

And that is where direct messages come in.

In 2018, I made over $30K from my DMs alone, and at that point, I wasn’t even sending – just receiving messages! Imagine what would have happened if I was initiating conversations? MAGIC!

But first, let me know if this has you nodding your head…

You see others talking about the sales they’ve made on social media and you’re wondering “when is it my time?”

You deserve more than just being left on "read"...

✔️You’ve been chasing followers waiting for that precious 10K follower count to hit because you think that swipe-up feature will be the secret sauce to finally making sales off the following you’ve cultivated.

✔️You’ve got your phone glued to your hand posting every day, spending hours scrolling, engaging, and trying to find new followers.

✔️You stress over how your feed looks and spend hours scouring stock photo sites, your photoshoot from your living room for the perfect selfie, and trying to nail the perfect flat lay because a perfect feed is the most important thing to growth, right?

With all that time and effort you're investing in building your following – isn't it time you started actually making money from all that free content?

It’s Victoria Boyd here, a digital marketing strategist, social media expert, and creator of the Managed Social Framework – where I teach entrepreneurs to learn how to get clients and market their businesses quickly.

When I’m not hanging out with my two rescue dogs and husband, Greg, exploring the craft beer scene, or watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix…

I’m helping busy entrepreneurs position their brands online, so they can increase brand recognition, make more money and have more fun while doing it.

Hey I'm Victoria! Analytics & stats are my bffs. It's my JOY to help my marketing clients and students achieve data-driven results that increase their visibility & sales.

Meet your marketer

A 20-Page PDF filled with Swipe-Copy and trainings that teaches you how to nurture your audience and how to make money in your Direct Messages.

The Sell in DMs Playbook


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Stop getting left on “seen”, my friend. You deserve more! These swipe-copy DM templates are going to take you from cold leads to shiny new customers joining your community! These nearly ready-to-send Swipes are ready to be customized so that you can get your message out sooner while still having heart!

Your Swipe-Copy to “OMG pinch me” DMs

Energized conversations don't just happen. We have to plan for them. We have to cultivate them. We have to show up for them! Learn what it means to use Call to Actions, Polls, and Stories to inspire DM conversations to take place so that you can have more productive conversations without spending more time on the app!

My 3-Part Coffee-Infused Framework to Drive DMs

Learn the big mistakes you may be making that are causing the conversation to fizzle out! In fixing these mistakes, you'll also learn how to move a prospect closer to the sale (or the next step in your process). 

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Take it from me – someone who has been doing this whole business thing since 2016 – you need systems. This social media checklist tells you what to do each day, week, month and quarter for your social media strategy!

Social Media Checklist


You can't make progress if you don't know where you're starting out. This Analytics Report and Tracker teaches you the metrics that matter and how to measure them.


Gain clarity around what you're posting on social media, who you're talking to (audience), and what their needs are! We also write your perfect Instagram Bio and clean up your profile!

SMM Strategy Workbook


PLUS These Bonuses to Help You Get Results Quickly!

Wait, that's not all!

Analytics Report & Tracker

Mehreen G. 

“I purchased the DM Double Down Workbook which helped me identify what type of clients I wanted to attract and how I could approach them. I implemented what Victoria had shared and within the first week I had managed to get 3/5 business owners to acknowledge me and reply back to me and 2/5 I was able to sign. This was huge win for me.”

Brandi P.

“After implementing Victoria's Framework and experimenting with the Swipe-Copy, I'm finally having productive conversations with my followers! Sell in DMs Playbook is a must have if you're looking to take your IG Strategy to the next level!”

You’re just getting started with Instagram and want to begin cultivating the right relationships and getting conversations flowing in your DMs.

You’ve been scratching your head for months (or longer…) trying to figure out why conversations have fizzled out when you thought they were SO CLOSE to purchasing/becoming clients.

You’re excited and motivated by money and the revenue your Instagram account can bring into you!

Not sure you're ready for Sell in DMs?
You're ready to achieve brag-worthy wins with Sell in DMs if…


Swipe-Copy that Sells
3-Part Framework to Drive DMs
How to Stop leaving Money on the Table
SMM Strategy Workbook
Analytics Report & Tracker
Social Media Checklist


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That depends on you. The framework requires effort and intentionality on your part, so you need to be willing to do the hard work to see results. If you’re looking for easy, overnight success, this isn’t for you.

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You have lifetime access to the program and materials. As long as I'm in business, you'll maintain access. You will also get any updates that are made in the future. Yes! Everything is available right now. Once you enroll, you'll receive an email with your log in information. Once you log in, everything will be right there for you! No need to wait to take action! 

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So glad you asked! You will get instant access to all the templates, workbooks, and materials mentioned above. These are delivered to your secure member portal. 

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