Social media for business purposes is a lot like jumping on public transportation in a big city. It's a little crazy but you eventually make it to the destination.

Most businesses invest in social media for a business reason. You may not know exactly how to use the social channel to accomplish your goal, but you're aware it'll get you there! You've got a destination in mind. 

Even though you have a destination in mind, social media requires a lot of stops along the way. 

Let's say you're taking the metro around Washington, D.C. and you're trying to get from Columbia Heights to Union Station. 

(Image courtesy of landofrye.blogspot.com)

You would get on the green line towards Greenbelt then get off at Fort Totten and get on a red line towards Shady Grove and get off at Union Station – the final destination!

So how does this apply to social media? It applies because social media and the process of sales isn't linear. It isn't easy. It isn't clean. There are creeps and tolls. There is trash (spam). 

There are stops along the way before a sale is made. Email lists are subscribed to. Blog posts are shared. Videos are consumed. Social media is just one element of content marketing and sales.

Social media can raise awareness for your brand and hit masses that sending an email just can't do. It can connect people in ways that are second to none. It can create conversations around you that mean so much more… But all lead to sales.