Programs & Trainings

Learn to create craveable content, learn to sell in the DMs, and scale your business.


Sell in DMs Playbook

Build relationships on the ‘gram and start making money without ever turning off Netflix. 

A 20-Page PDF filled with Swipe-Copy and trainings that teaches you how to nurture your audience and how to make money in your Direct Messages.


Get support via Slack or Voxer for 3 months. Think of it like having me on speed dial.

Business Accelerator

Learn to grow & scale a service-based business in a hands on group environment.

Imagine knowing the exact steps you need to take to sign clients in a matter of days – not months and without doing free work or scouring the freelance sites for low paying opportunities…

A 31-Page PDF that gets you ready to sign clients in a matter of days.

What My Clients Are Saying

“What felt like a casual conversation about my business evolved into a working, strong, strategy for my social media marketing. Victoria led me through an outline of how I can connect with multiple prospects and how to have a consistent message. Within one week of implementing the strategy I booked a new client and have had multiple inquiries!”

Melanie Albright, Bright Moments Solutions

“Working with Victoria has helped me become more organized and less overwhelmed when its come to my online presence. She has helped me comb through my social media accounts and look at what was working and what could be done better. While strategizing with her, I got a list of action items to try right away to help learn how to better use social media for my business. Not only is she easy to talk to but she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.”

Katie Prouty, Little Drop Essentials 

“Victoria has worked for Parallels as a social media intern throughout the past year. She quickly learned about our products and was successful creating and posting engaging social content for our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ channels. Victoria also contributed to our blog and was responsible for helping us develop our Instagram and Pinterest channels. Her ability to create and publish appropriate quality content helped increase engagement on our social channels. She actively participated in marketing meetings, contributing ideas and suggestions in addition to her status updates. Victoria is a talented, collaborative and trustworthy team player who will be an asset to any organization.”

John Uppendahl, Parallels

“I really enjoyed working with Victoria. Social media is not my strong suit and her approach and execution really allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. She was consistent with her content schedule and always followed up in a timely manner. She was great and finding content to post and made sure it was always relevant. I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with her.”

Marie Maher, Lullaby Sitters

“After implementing Victoria's Framework and experimenting with the Swipe-Copy, I'm finally having productive conversations with my followers! Sell in DMs Playbook is a must have if you're looking to take your IG Strategy to the next level!

Brandi P

“I purchased the DM Double Down Workbook which helped me identify what type of clients I wanted to attract and how I could approach them. I implemented what Victoria had shared and within the first week I had managed to get 3/5 business owners to acknowledge me and reply back to me and 2/5 I was able to sign. This was huge win for me.”

Mahreen G

Victoria has been instrumental in the launch of my marketing consulting business. She designed my website to completely reflect my brand and helped to create a cohesive look and feel for my online presence. I absolutely loved working with Victoria because she made the process very easy. There were even times during my business launch that I consulted with Victoria on various social media and content strategies. She took the time to truly understand my niche and provided some great insight on how to increase engagement. In a short amount of time, my niche has taken a higher interest in my content and I'm having meaningful conversations with them online.”

Oanh Jordan, Tiny Triumph Co

“Victoria was able to give me direction, clarity and step-by-step how to’s by the time our session was over. She literally delivered magic within 40 minutes. How is that even possible?!

She is a marketing miracle worker and literally saved my business from derailing itself.”