Tune in and join me (Victoria!) as I drop my best sales, marketing, and business strategies to help you start, grow, and scale your online business. From bold dreams to helpful hints, I cover it all.

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How do I juggle all the things that go into marketing? Where do I find clients? How do I turn my passion into my full-time income? Am I ready to leave my 9-5? How do I build my dream life? Can I create passive income?

Welcome to Make it Marketable! On this podcast, I drop my  best sales, marketing, and business strategies to help you start, grow, and scale your online business. If you're a coach, service provider, or consultant, you'll want to tune in each week for new strategies that stack and work together!

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Increasing Revenue with Upsells


The Question that Paid Me Over $24k 


Sell in the DMs: Lead Generation


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Looks like it's not just my friends who love to hang out with me

Welcome to the humble brag zone

- Hafsa

Victoria is amazing and I especially loved episode 2 and the way she broke down how she increased her revenue! Definitely recommend.

Brilliant and Insightful!!!

- Jen

Victoria is a marketing and sales QUEEN! She shares valuable information in her episodes. So easy to listen to!

So Knowledgeable!

- Carla

Victoria is an INCREDIBLE wealth of knowledge. I have know her for years and have watched her business flourish. Put your headphones on and listen now!

Can’t Wait For The Gems!!

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With a Masters in Internet Marketing and over 7 years of digital marketing experience working as a marketing agency, I use my love of creative marketing to help co-create and execute campaigns with my clients. My passion? Seeing business owners hit marks they never thought possible.

My specialty? Helping you craft strategic messaging that speaks directly to your dream clients so you can scale your business and close sales, without the sleazy tactics. I want to help you tie all of your marketing together so you can generate leads, get your brand seen, make sales, and have fun working on your business instead of in it.

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