Social Media Strategy + Management: Lullaby Sitters

A case study

The Story of our Parnership… 

I met Marie on Facebook when she was looking for assistance in social media. We hit it off almost immediately and began working together. LullabySitters.com is a website and service that helps parents and sitters find each other through in-person networking events called Speed Sitting.

The objective for social media was to position Lullaby Sitters, LLC as a partner for sitters and a resource for parents in the Indianapolis area. The goal of social media for Lullaby Sitters, LLC is to increase brand awareness (reach), see an increase in conversion on the website (both with parents signing up and sitters signing up), and to get more people attending speed sitting events. As one of my first clients, Lullaby Sitters holds a special place in my heart.

The Results: 

  • Instagram Followers increased 20.6% 
  • Twitter Followers Increased 15.5% 
  • Facebook Likes Increased 10.4% 
  • Pinterest Impressions up 77% 
  • Traffic to the website from Pinterest was up 50%

What Marie Had to Say…

“I really enjoyed working with Victoria. Social media is not my strong suit and her approach and execution really allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. She was consistent with her content schedule and always followed up in a timely manner. She was great and finding content to post and made sure it was always relevant. I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with her.”

Marie Maher, Lullaby Sitters

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