Marketing is about making people fall in love with your brand.

It's not about interrupting what people already love – it's about becoming what people love. 

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

  1. You've purchased #allthethings and are struggling to apply the strategies and principles to your business. 
  2. You're struggling to stack strategies and need a tiebreaker to help you make decisions. 
  3. You don't know how to analyze the results of your efforts so you keep reinventing the wheel.
  4. You're getting ready to launch something old or new and need direction and launch strategy.
  5. You need someone to oversee your growth efforts to make sure you're telling the right story, at the right time.

My guess – if you're still reading this at least one of those things hit home.


  • ..that you could implement advanced marketing strategies while focusing on the reason you started your business. 
  • …that you had someone who knows and understands your business to help you make decisions when you need it the most.
  • …that you had someone to oversee your funnels and messaging to make sure it's effective and bringing your audience closer to customers.

You're in the right place.

Hey, I'm Victoria! 

I'm a digital marketing strategist with a Masters in Internet Marketing that helps online businesses, consultants, eCommerce, and service providers become what people love through strategic marketing.

I've helped dozens of business owners grow and scale their businesses by focusing on strategy, growth techniques, sales copy, strategic design, and content writing that focuses on connecting with their ideal audience.

In the process of working with these business owners, I've learned that they all have on thing in common, the desire to grow.

Nailing your strategy and monitoring your efforts will unlock this growth in your own business. For me, mastering this skillset let me leave my 8-5 and build my own online business. 

That's why I've created this for you – the entrepreneur who is ready for growth – who understands the importance of strategic marketing and is ready to get quality leads and consistent sales. 

What You Get with Voxer Coaching

What My Clients Are Saying

“Victoria was able to give me direction, clarity and step-by-step how to’s by the time our session was over. She literally delivered magic within 40 minutes. How is that even possible?!

She is a marketing miracle worker and literally saved my business from derailing itself.”


“In a very easy way she helped me pull together a marketing strategy that in just one week has yielded a new client and several inquiries!


There were even times during my business launch that I consulted with Victoria on various content strategies. She took the time to truly understand my niche and provided some great insight on how to increase engagement. In a short amount of time, my niche has taken a higher interest in my content and I'm having meaningful conversations with them online.


The Strategy

Each month we'll work together through Voxer to work through whatever you're struggling with. Some examples are: 

  • Email welcome sequence 
  • Launch strategy 
  • Offer planning & creation
  • Social media analytics and planning 
  • Content review 
  • Website audit and strategy 
  • Messaging review
  • Business automation 
  • Selling in the DMs
  • etc…

Whatever it is you're needing – we can cover. 

Ready to get started?

My goal with this program is to give you that personalized support at a price that everyone can afford – even if you haven't launched yet!


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