Alright… you've launched your business! But now HOW do you actually get clients? In this post, I'll be sharing some of my favorite strategies so you can get clients for your service-based business! Let's jump in.

1. Be generous with what you know:

You NEED to show them that you know exactly what they need to get the results they are after! Now, this doesn't mean constantly creating how-to content and giving away “everything you know”. Instead, this means giving them an education that helps them to realize that you know what you're talking about and perhaps give them some quick wins on the way!

2. Create content that drives traffic back to your site:

Just to preface this… Even if you don't have a website, you should have something to send people to! If you don't have a website or at least a landing page, I highly recommend creating a Dubsado proposal that you can use to collect leads!

Decide where you can focus on creating really high-value content. So content that educates your audience and gives them a feel for how amazing you are and the transformation you can provide them. You can create this content in short-form videos like TikToks, write blog posts, create YouTube videos, or write long captions for social media.

3. Focus on productizing your offer:

This might not be something you can do if you're just starting out but once you've landed a client or two, think about how you can create a framework or put everything you do into a shiny package. When you sell a package, you're removing the focus off of the cost (financial investment) and the time it'll take you to do something and instead shifting that focus to the value that you're providing.

PS: I talk a lot about this in my free From Zero to Booked out Hero Roadmap… Grab it here!

4. Collaborate with complimentary businesses for more visibility:

Show face. Show up. Out of sight, out of mind. You need to let people see you and SHOW them that you have something available. It's easy to get into this space where you just hide behind the screen and hide in your work. But you have to talk about your expertise and what you have available. This could look like doing live workshops, magazine features, guest podcast episodes, guest blog posts, or partner launches.

5. Leverage your network:

When I quit my job, something I did quickly that helped me with stability and cash revenue early on was go to networking events. Yes I know this is hard in the pandemic world we live in now, but there are still options to network online! Look for networking groups that you can join and make those connections!

You can also share with your friends and peers that you've started your business and are looking for clients. You'll be surprised how people really rally behind you!

6. Remember pricing conveys quality just as much as everything else:

Now, I'm not saying price your self premium right off the bat. Instead I mean this tip as a bit of a hint for when you're trying to close a sale and it's not going well. If they're negotiating with you on price, they don't see the value that you provide. If they're arguing with you on price, bring it back to their goals. What will your service do for them? When you can show them that. The price objection will go away and they'll be likely to sign.

Even if you just implement a couple of these strategies, I'm confident that you'll get clients in no time!

How do you get clients for your business?

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