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Stop right there! 🚨 Have you ever heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Listen up, small business owners in the creative industry! 👀 Our latest blog post, “Why the Right Marketing Plan Can Make or Break Your Online Business,” is a must-read for anyone looking to succeed online! 💡 From identifying successful communities to the elements of a comprehensive marketing plan, we’ve got you covered. 💪 Plus, our speaker’s new membership program, Conversion Catalyst Club, is a game-changer! 🤑 Join today and get step-by-step guidance, training, coaching, and more! 🚀 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your business! 😎 Check out our blog for more!

Ep. 37 – Why the Right Marketing Plan Can Make or Break Your Online Business


Want to launch an offer in your business (whether that be digital, done-for-you, done-with-you, consulting/coaching, or even a physical product) in a way that leaves an impact and stands out? Webinars, challenges, and masterclasses are the “typical” launch mechanism taught by online coaches. But if you’ve tried to launch in the last 6-months and had […]

How to Launch a Digital Product with a Private Podcast

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Instagram Stories is arguably one of the most powerful features of Instagram! We are seeing Stories be used by businesses and brands of all sizes to connect with their audience and promote their offers. Personally – I love Stories. I love to watch and engage with them and I love to use them in my […]

How to Use Instagram Story Stickers

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Engage on Social Media Social media is all about being social. Connect and engage proactively with other accounts. This is actually one of my favorite things to do for my clients and for my business! Here is how you can do it: Search a hashtag you love on Instagram, find pictures you admire, read the […]

5 Tasks You Should Be Doing Weekly to Grow Your Following

Business, Content Marketing, Marketing, Social media

Social media platforms were invented to allow people to connect with each other. And when people connect with each other, they share things. This is what makes social media one of the best mediums to market your products and services. As a matter of fact, leveraging Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and all the other social […]

6 Tips for Using Pinterest to Market your Business

Business, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media Management

Just a few years ago, social media marketing was a guerilla marketing tactic for people and businesses to spread the good word on a barely-existent budget. These days, it’s one of the fastest-growing and lucrative methods of advertising, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. That’s why if you’re interested in the field, now […]

How To Start A Social Media Agency: FAQs and What You Need To Know

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I shared the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY with you on Instagram Stories. For six months, Greg and I bounced between his parents and mine while we built what I affectionately called “the new HQ.” “The new HQ” is a fixer-upper that Greg’s dad ripped down to the studs. When we announced that […]

How my Business Grew 143% in just 5-Months

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When I landed my first client, I wasn’t looking for her; I just happened to be in the right Facebook group at the right time. She was looking for someone to manage her online presence her small business, specifically with social media. She was hoping to find someone in Indianapolis. I checked both the boxes […]

How to Start a Social Media Management Business

Instagram, Marketing, Social media

Over the last 4 months, Instagram has been instrumental in me booking clients! YUP! I’m booking BUSINESS from INSTAGRAM! Since Instagram launched stories in Fall of 2016, they’ve really expanded on the features to make it undeniably one of the most powerful features of the app and network. How to use Instagram Stories to Grow […]

How to use Instagram Stories to grow your Tribe

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So, you’re thinking about outsourcing social media for your business. One of the most common questions that come up when I’m doing discovery calls is “what should a social media manager be doing?” And that is a great question. So here are 9 tasks that your social media manager should be doing for you: Content […]

9 Tasks your Social Media Manager Should be Doing

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Analytics and stats are my bffs, and it’s my JOY to help my marketing clients achieve data-driven results that increase their visibility and sales...

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Analytics and stats are my bffs, and it’s my JOY to help my marketing clients achieve data-driven results that increase their visibility and sales...

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