If you're a business, you probably already have a Facebook business page. I mean does a business even exist if can't be found online? I think not but the jury is still out on this one!

A Facebook business page builds your image but it also gives your potential customers content that connects them to you. 

I've put together a handful of ways to transform your tired old account into an amazing page that is ready to hold its own in this modern entrepreneurial world:

  1. Get your Vanity URL on Lock DOWN!

    A vanity URL gives your business a sheen of professionalism. You don't want to send potential buyers your messy long default URL. 

    – Click on “Create page @username” located directly under your profile picture.
    – Enter your desired username. (Definitely go with something short, branded & memorable. Your brand name or domain name is perfect!)
    – Click the “Create Username” button
    – If the username you chose is taken, you’ll need to try a different username and click “Create Username” again to see if you can use it. If the username you chose is available, you can just click the “Confirm” button.
  2. Add a Profile Photo and Cover Photo (or Video) 

    Your profile needs to be easily recognizable at all sizes, your customers need a clear image that doesn't require them to try to zoom in or grab their magnifying glass to work out who or what it is. 

    BONUS TIP: At top of the page it displays at 160 x 160px. In the news feed, when you comment etc, it reduces to a super small 50 x 50. 

    Your Cover Photo might even be more important than your profile photo when someone is looking at your profile. You could make a simple image or a video that has useful information to really make that first impression count! 

  3. Add a Caption With a CTA for your Cover Photo 

    When you update your page's cover photo, Facebook will make a post for you on your page that says “[PAGE NAME] updated their cover photo”. Go to this post and edit the caption to include a call to action! This could be a link to your website, freebie, email list, or scheduler! 

  4. Complete All the “About” Information 

    All. Of. It. Seriously. 

    Complete the short description of your business, then contact information including hours, business hours – everything! The Facebook algorithm favors completed profiles and so does your ideal client! It takes time – so don't stress about getting it all done in one go, but definitely get it all done!
  5. Update the Call-To-Action Button 

    Facebook will probably default to “send message” as your CTA… LAME! Your CTA is an incredible tool where you can push the customer to take action by booking, shopping, calling, contacting you, and so much more! 
  6. Verify Your Business Page

    This is sort of a ‘hidden' step that helps your page rank organically – but it isn't easy. I can't get my page verified because of weird hoops Facebook wants me to jump over that as a personal brand, I just can't do. Anyway – back to you! When you verify your page your page will rank higher and it adds a beautiful level of legitimacy making it obvious that your page is the official brand page. Cool, huh?

    To do this, go to your Facebook Business Page. Click ‘Settings'. The Click on ‘Page Verification'. Decide how you want to verify. Follow the prompts! Congratulations! I'm proud of you!
  7. Don't Be Exceedingly Promotional 

    Your promotional content should only take up about 20% of your content. I'm serious guys! Nobody wants to follow a page or business that feels like it's shoving deals, offers, and products down your throat. Content should include educational content, informational content, entertaining content, content that inspires your audience in some way. 

    If you need help with this, let's jump on a discovery call and chat about how we can work together! You can also send me a DM on Instagram. I'd love to give you some ideas! 
  8. Find Time to Go Live 

    Speaking of your feed, Live streaming has higher conversions and has a larget organic reach. Facebook prefers live streaming from the app and will show live videos more often and to more people on the timeline. It really is that simple.

While it's true Facebook is changing a lot lately, you still need to spend time showing it some love!