As far as social media goes, Facebook is king – generally speaking. Brands and businesses do everything they can to try to engage users. With their new Live video feature, a lot of smaller businesses and professionals find themselves scratching their heads.

Using live video will help improve your businesses marketing reach and can take less time than writing individual posts! Let's check out why it matters and some ways you can implement it into your strategy today:

A few reasons why live video matters:

Live videos offer authentic engagement with your audience.

Live videos are usually unrehearsed. You also can't edit them. This makes a live video feel more authentic to viewers than scripted content. Currently, all the platforms that allow live video (Facebook, Periscope, and now Instagram), allow viewers to engage with you real time. This provides a more authentic experience for customers

Everyone loves video!

Video has been an effective medium to connect with audiences even if you don't mean too – I mean look at Chewbacca Mom back in 2016! Or Buzzfeed!

It's mobile!

You can do live video anywhere you have internet access and a phone or tablet!! So from an event, a concert, an office, a storage space, a boat – anywhere!

Audiences are hard to reach – let's be honest

TV subscribers are on the decline – same with newspaper and other print mediums. Instead, people are spending more time on social media and websites. Marketers and business owners are finding it challenging to achieve a good ROI because of this. As the millennial generation is taking up an increased space in many target audiences, reaching them is getting harder.

If viewers like what they are seeing – they'll share it!

Not necessarily always – but a lot of the time! If someone watches your Facebook Live video and loves what you are talking about, they'll share it with their friends or just talk about the content.

You don't need fancy equipment

This, in my opinion, is one of the best parts – your phone is just fine!

Here are a few ways to your business can succeed with Live video:

Show how your product is made or show the design process

Ever heard the adage “actions speak louder than words”? Show your customers how much love you put into your products! Show them the quality while it's being made. This is especially applicable if you are an artist – show them how you make whatever it is you do! Are you a hand lettering wizard or maybe a photographer? Walk your fans through the beginning stages of your design process

Give a behind the scenes look

Interview your team on their day or what a day in the life looks like. Maybe if you're a realtor, show the process of staging a house for show

Launch a new product or contest

A picture is worth a thousand words – so what's a video worth? Well, that's for you to decide! Live videos are an excellent way to generate buzz around a launch. For instance, do an unboxing video of your new product – followers can ask about availability, and you can demo live with them – These are the kinds of leads small businesses usually pay for! Tip: Tell your audience you're going to be launching a new product in the video before you go live – that way they can plan to watch with you!

Live video is a hot topic right now. It can help any business reach a bigger audience. Live video is a fantastic opportunity to get your name and brand out there in an authentic manner while getting organic engagement! It doesn't have to be top quality content – it just needs to be engaging and genuine.

How will you use Live Video to drive more sales?